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“In this brilliant, essential book, Thomas L. Friedman speaks to America’s need for national renewal, and explains how a green revolution is the only way to secure our children’s future. Global warming, rapidly growing populations, and the expansion of the world’s middle class through globalization have not only produced a dangerously unstable planet–one that is “hot, flat, and crowded”–they have also diffused America’s ability to compete on the world stage. These same challenges, though, present the United States with an opportunity to take the lead on a global strategy for clean energy, energy efficiency, and conservation, and in the process to renew its own economy. The effort to create a Clean Energy System would be the biggest innovation project in American history, changing everything from what you put into your car to what you see on your electric bill. And it could inspire Americans to something we haven’t seen in a long time–nation-building in America–by summoning the intelligence, creativity, and concern for the common good that are our greatest national resources. Hot, Flat, and Crowded is classic Thomas L. Friedman: fearless, incisive, and rich in surprising common sense about the challenge–and the promise–of the future.” (


After a great read of “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman which illustrated how the world is changing and what challenges we are facing and will more and more face in the future, this time Thomas L. Friedman takes the reader on a journey towards a Green Revolution. The book illustrates how the world has to change to become “green” and what challenges we are and will face to that end goal.

“Hot, Flat, & Crowded” starts off with, typical to Thomas L. Friedman, a nice overview of the current situation illustrated by a lot of useful real life examples. After quite some time of reading the reader gets the impression that certain examples and theories are repeated on an ongoing basis though. After a break of a few weeks I picked up the book again and continued my Green Revolution journey with the pleasant surprise that the last third of the book gets more and more interesting with ideas and suggestions on how to overcome the big challenge of turning the world “green”. At the end, a good read to understand current developments in the “green” sector and it definitely raises not only awareness but also the inner need to do something!


Not only read the book, but also implement certain things for yourself and get active!

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