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“Ever spent ages wandering the grocery store while looking for a hard-to-find ingredient? If Philips brings its new connected retail lighting to your local supermarket, you may always know where to go. The technology uses light-based communication to create a positioning grid for your smartphone, telling you just what route you’ll need to take to get everything for that recipe. Naturally, shopkeepers can also use the system for location-based discounts and suggestions; if you’re looking for dessert ideas, the lights can point you to the pastry section. Philips is already testing its smart illumination with a handful of stores, so it might not be long before you’re shopping with extreme efficiency.” (

A great new technology on the way into stores to connect retailers even closer with shoppers. But what does it mean to shoppers? What are possible benefits as well as dangers? What do retailers gain?

For shoppers the use of this new technology might be rewarding:

  • Easier way to find products looked for in a faster manner
  • More promotion offers that are customized to the shoppers profile and really interest him/her
  • Link to products that might be interesting to consume at the same time as the searched one
  • Value added services like recipes, maps or social recommendations available

Nevertheless there might be dangers as well:

  • Possible data leaks might lead to shopper dissatisfaction
  • More interruption during the shopping trip that might annoy shoppers

For the retailer the introduction of these new technologies will lead to a much better understanding of a shopper and his path to purchase as well as buying decision making process. Retailer will be able to take those huge data sets and search for correlations to identify the best promotions and product locations for their selected stores to each given time during the day.

At the end it is more or less the shoppers decision to use this new service offered by retailers or not, whereas the pros might outweigh dangers at least in this case.

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