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“The Leader without a Title” (TLWT), written by Robin Sharma, illustrates methodologies on how anyone in society can become a leader, without having a title connected to himself due to work related tasks. From the usual house wife, the normal sales guy in a book shop, a gym teacher and up the low to high ranking working classes, anyone can be a leader for himself and his environment.”

The TLWT Series, which should not replace the reading of the book, will illustrate the 4 major themes shown in Robin Sharma’s book in an easy fashion and is meant to be more of an introduction read:

  • “You need no title to be a leader”
  • “Turbulent times build great leaders”
  • “The deeper your relationship, the stronger your leadership”
  • “To be a great leader, first become a great person”

Theme #1: “You need no title to be a leader” - IMAGE

In any situation in life, work and private, human beings have the choice between acting pro-actively or re-actively. The first theme is about how to act pro-actively instead of just reacting to your environment which is expressed in the IMAGE acronym:


Companies, but also individuals, need to create growth on a daily basis by innovating themselves. Both, companies as well as individuals, are quickly left behind the pack when not adapting to new environment or technologies, hence without innovating themselves in a new fashion by adapting those new things around them.


Mastery can be achieved by practicing 10.000 hours following Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”. The second step in TLWT evolution of the IMAGE theme focusses on on-going learning and constant improvements in your work as well as private life. Mastery, at the end, might or might not be the result, whereas all learning together in the process surely will make up for it.


Authenticity to yourself as well as people around you is one of the most important characteristics to become a Leader without Title as it will allow you to reflect on yourself, be trustworthy and improve.


Start-ups would never succeed if the founders would not have the guts to start with nearly zero resources. Hence things we accept as normal in today’s world, would never have been developed. To have guts is important to express your ideas and opinions freely. To do so the fear of rejection has to be controlled as, and this is a fact, there will be always someone who will reject your idea or opinion.


Anyone knows about company ethics. Individuals usually also have ethics, which are guidelines, rules & limits to behaviors that you will not cross. Ethics, not only in a business environment, but also in private life are important to stay true to yourself.

To conclude this first part, I would like to share the major learning of the books IMAGE theme chapter that I had:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

The second part of the TLWT Series will talk about the “SPARK” theme and how “Turbulent times build great leaders”.

Till then I truly recommend a reading of Robin Sharma’s book.

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