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“The Leader without a Title” (TLWT), written by Robin Sharma, illustrates methodologies on how anyone in society can become a leader, without having a title connected to himself due to work related tasks. From the usual house wife, the normal sales guy in a book shop, a gym teacher and up the low to high ranking working classes, anyone can be a leader for himself and his environment.”

The TLWT Series, which should not replace the reading of the book, will illustrate the 4 major themes shown in Robin Sharma’s book in an easy fashion and is meant to be more of an introduction read:

  • “You need no title to be a leader”
  • “Turbulent times build great leaders”
  • “The deeper your relationship, the stronger your leadership”
  • “To be a great leader, first become a great person”

Theme #2: “Turbulent times build great leaders” - SPARK

Challenges and problems that arise are one of the best opportunities to grow yourself. Any challenge creates a opoortunity on which one can choose to react or not. Prioritizing all those actions is essential to achieve the best. This and more is expressed in the SPARK acronym:


In any situation, speaking the candid and humble truth will result in positive outcomes even in situations, where the truth might seem not to be the best option at first. Nevertheless most counterparts will appreciate the truth more than the more comfortable “lie”.


In private life as well as in business it is important to prioritize the actions and topics ahead. This will focus oneself on the most important or most best options and neglect the rest. Tools to prioritize can be used as well, as for instance the 5 Steps shown from Inc..


Adversity, challenging situations, can create the biggest opportunities for yourself or a company as they will challenge oneself to levels that in a more positive environment would not have been achieved. Hence embrace those challenges and use them to the advantage to grow yourself.


Take life, private or business, and act on it instead of reacting. Map out the future that should be achieved, set milestones and start moving towards it.


Recognition is one of the most powerful tools to motivate people. This recognition can either be given privately or in public in front of people. “Kudos” can be in form of just spoken words or even by giving people the chance to e.g. present in front of the company’s management team. Teams will first dislike this as it is very exciting and they have the perception that they are “just small employees in the wheel”, nevertheless top management will recognize the team and see that they actually are the wheel without which the company would not move. Put the team into the spot light and make them feel special.

To conclude this first part, I would like to share the major learning of the book’s SPARK theme chapter:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

The third part of the TLWT Series will talk about the “HUMAN” theme and how “The deeper the relationship, the stronger your leadership” is defined.

Till then I truly recommend a reading of Robin Sharma’s book.

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